Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Submission of work for exhibition!

The date finally arrived. This evening was the date for the submission of work for the annual end of year exhibition at the NCAD National College of Art & Design.

Both Shirley and I submitted three of the pieces which we worked on while attending the Watercolour Techniques course. This was the maximum amount of pieces which could be submitted.

The students attending the "accredited" courses are submitting tomorrow evening - that includes Marie. Due to the fact that she attended a different course than either Shirley or myself we have yet to see what she was working on.

Now comes the nail biting wait to see if all the work we submitted will be accepted for the exhibition which takes place in June.

I'll follow up nearer the date. I did take photos of our work before dropping them to the college in Dublin this evening but due to the fact that they are to (hopefully) be exhibited I won't post the photos until after the exhibition.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

End of Year

Well the end of year has arrived, that is for those of us attending the adult continuing education evening classes at the National College of Art & Design.

The term went really quickly and now all there is to do is have our work framed and ready to submit to the end of year exhibition.

I miss these classes as it seems to be the only "time" that I set aside specifically to paint and be creative, I also miss the human side of metting fellow artists and seeing the different styles and talents that are out there.

I'm looking forward to meeting all the students again and seeing the work on display during the exhibition which is to be held 25th to the 28th June.