Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BrushworX Art Group

This art group comprises of three women artists, who have been both painting and exhibiting together since 2003. They work in all mediums, but each has their favourite.
The style also varies, depending on the influences in each of their lives at any particular time. From favourite landscapes and places they have visited, through to the vibrant colours in nature, capturing a moment in time, during a stroll on a beach or even an everyday event like children playing.
The artists are : Niamh Pedreschi, Marie Morrow and Shirley Hackett.

This is Shirley's "Dublin City by night"

This is Marie's "Rope"

This is Niamh's "Irish Country Cottage"

This is just a sample of our work.


  1. Love all the Daisy paintings but my favourite has to be Marie's "Rope",
    great detail in it.

  2. I agree, Marie has a way of making the very ordinary into an extraordinary painting.


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